Lions Clubs Kick Off 100th Anniversary Celebration

Representatives of the state's 150 clubs
break ground for a new playground at the School for the Blind.
The Lions met students from their home communities.   School for the Blind students enjoyed doughnuts brought by the Lions.
School for the Blind students enjoyed the time with Lions from their home communities.  Lions smile for the camera with students from their community.
Lions came early to meet students from their home communities.  Lions enjoyed coffee and doughnuts with the students before the groundbreaking.
Lions teamed up with students to stand with banners for their home communities. The color guard began the program, and Brianna Shirley sang the National Anthem.  
The Lions joined the students in pledging allegiance to the flag.  Ann Akerman thanked the Lions on behalf of The Walker Foundation and the school.
Past International Director Eugene Spiess introduced the Lions clubs.   Principal Lou Thomson thanked the Lions and introduced speakers from the School for the Blind.  
Tony Merriweather, a former student, spoke on the impact the Lions have had on his life. Eellis Sanderson interpreted.  Spartanburg Mayor Junie White presented the key to the city to special guest Past International Director Haynes Townsend.
The Leo Club presented student-made art to Past International Director Judge Haynes Townsend.  The chorus sang "Together, We Can Change the World."
James Casnahan and Pat Friday surprised everyone with an additional donation of $5,000.  Representatives of the Lions leadership, the school board, and the foundation board led the groundbreaking ceremony.
The SC Lions Centennial Project Committee broke ground along with the students.  The school board joined the foundation board for the groundbreaking.
The Joanna Lions Club joined us for the groundbreaking.  Alumnae Mandy Holly represented the Beaufort Lions Club.  Representatives of the Union Lions Club were happy to take part in the groundbreaking. Past Council Chairperson Dr. Dianne Pitts is serving as State Centennial chairperson.