Community Leaders Lend a Hand

Artist Bob Doster and students are creating "I Love You" sculptures. 
Artist Bob Doster traces student Ari'Yanna Smith's hand onto metal that will be cut out for the larger sculpture.    Bob Doster shows student Tyreece McCoy how to cut metal using a plasma cutter.
 Bill Barnet traces Landon Lipsey's hand onto metal.  Bob Doster shows Tony Fisher, retired city of Spartanburg police chief, how to use the plasma cutter.
 Artist Bob Doster traces Cindy Holland's hand.  Ms. Holland is a member of the school's Board of Commissioners. Alan Gaona-Lopez traces Lynne Burton's hand. Ms. Burton is vice chairman of The Walker Foundation Board.
The partially finished sculpture shows how the individual hands will be joined to make an "I Love You" sign.  Hunter Marshall shows off her welder's gloves and helmet as she and Bob Doster take a break.
Bob Morrow shows the hand he cut from metal.  Mr. Morrow is a member of the school's Board of Commissioners.  Judy Wilson shows her handshape. Ms. Wilson is a member of The Walker Foundation board.
Emily Finkell holds two metal handshapes showing the "I Love You" sign.   Professional football player Landon Cohen uses both hands to sign "I Love You" with students from the School for the Blind.
Catherine Templeton and Alan Gaona-Lopez were partners on the project.  Don Finkell uses his gloved hands to sign "I Love You." Mr. Finkell is the immediate past chair of the foundation board.
Jennifer Settle shows her metal hand.  Joan Barnet traces Jaquan Jenkins' hand onto a metal sheet.
US Congressman Trey Gowdy stopped by to help the students with the sculpture.   Everyone shows the "I Love You" sign and smiles for the camera.