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Fun in the Sun

Juniors and seniors from the School for the Blind had an exciting field trip to Barrier Island. The Barrier Island is a coastal barrier island located off the coast of South Carolina, and the trip provided a unique learning opportunity for the students.

Students feel the inside of a turtle shell.

Accompanied by their teachers and staff members, the trip gave students a chance to explore the natural beauty of the island and learn about the different animals and plants that inhabit it. 

 “My favorite part of my trip to Barrier Island was the view,” said Zion Johnson, senior at the School for the Blind, “because I have never been to Charleston before.”

At Barrier Island, students were able to touch and feel the different textures of the sand and the shells, walk through the salt marsh, learn how to make a campfire, enjoy net fishing, and spent time with their friends on the beach.

A student and a teacher stand in the knee-deep mud at the salt marsh.

Johnny feels a shell on the beach.

Johnny Owens, a senior on the trip said, “My favorite part of my trip to Barrier Island was sitting around the campfire at night and telling funny stories.”

Students learned about the ecology and history of Barrier Island and observed the different species of birds, turtles, and other wildlife that call the island home. They also learned about the various plants and trees that grow on the island and how they adapt to the harsh coastal environment.

“Field trips are important for our blind and visually impaired students because they provide opportunities for students to explore new environments, engage with their surroundings and learn through multi-sensory experiences.” said Valerie Feiling, principal at the School for the Blind. “These experiences can help to build important skills such as orientation and mobility, spatial awareness, and socialization, and can promote a sense of independence and confidence in students.”

Students walk the beach at Barrier Island.

The trip was also an excellent chance for the students to bond with their classmates and teachers, and to create lasting memories that they will cherish for years to come.