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Makayla Billings' design wins the "Caught Doing Good" assignment at the Applied Academic Center

Cherie Winkler, principal at the Applied Academic Center (AAC), was looking for a way to highlight students doing good. She thought it would be useful to have a specific postcard to send home to parents when their students were “caught doing good.” 


Ms. Winkler invited students at AAC to submit artwork for the postcard, explaining that the winning artwork would be printed on the cover of the card. Makayla Billings, senior at SCSDB, submitted the winning design. 


Postcard that reads "Caught Doing Good"  with black-and-white photographs and pops of various green tones.


“Makayla’s design for the postcard was chosen by me because it was very eye-catching with black-and-white photographs and pops of various green tones. I loved the focus on the “Caught Doing Good” right in the middle with the green explosions of color out to the sides so parents would know this was a special postcard,” said Ms. Winkler. “The hands in the middle are shaking as if it is the sign for applause/clapping. I had to love that!”


Makayla Billings designs from a place of inspiration, incorporating the things she loves most like anime, movies, and photography. 


“My graphic designs showcase my personality,” said Billings. “I find happiness when I’m designing and am able to fully focus on it.”


When asked what she likes most about the digital arts, Billings enjoys seeing her designs or animations printed, especially when they’re used on t-shirts. 


“My goal is to attend the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York,” said Billings. “They offer a graphic design program centered on growing my skills and helping me work for a design company in the future.”