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Pizza Anyone?

Students learned about countries worldwide at the International Festival

Students learned about countries all over the world at the International Festival. Work began with reading and research to create booths that display photos, artifacts, and food from each class’s chosen country. Sixteen classes sponsored 16 different countries this year.

Congratulations to the winners:Chase Hanna shows off his pizza hat.

1st Place  --  Brazil (Ms. Heather Moffett’s Class)

2nd Place --  Japan (Ms. Kathy Goodwin’s Class)

3rd Place --  Greece (Ms. Sandy Johnson’s Class)

Honorable Mention – France (Ms. Jordan Griffin’s Class)

Honorable Mention – USA (Ms. Kristina Ullom’s Class)


Hats off to the library services department for sponsoring such a fun educational activity!Lana Cedeno, Josh Perkins, and Unique Jackson stirred up some good food from Thailand.


Ms. Goodwin's class took second place for their exhibit on Japan.