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Cathi Holst coaches students on the set before filming begins. The team of camera operators, directors, coaches, and actors practice before filming.

 Our middle schoolers will help students across the state
learn about American Sign Language this year!

     Last spring, four of our students were selected to model American Sign Language vocabulary and conversations for the online course “Exploring World Languages.” The course was designed to introduce South Carolina students to various languages and cultures and was developed by VirtualSC, a supplemental program of the SC Department of Education. It is now available to public, private, charter, and home school students.

     Our students were filmed for videos that will be shown during the course. The students included Lana Cedeno, Cole Haywood, Alasia Pifher, and Triallen Washington. SCSDB educators Cathi Holst and Kristen Milner rehearsed with the students, advised on American Sign Language, and interpreted. Dr. Eric Weber, director of statewide Clockwise: Lana Cedeno, Alasia Pifher, Cole Haywood, and Triallen Washington.interpretin
g services and ASL programs, provided resources on Deaf culture, and voice over translation during the video editing process.

     Cole Haywood and Triallen Washington were interviewed about life at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. Here is a little of what they had to say:

Cole: “My favorite thing is to be involved with sports . . .  I participate in basketball, track, and I will be playing football my ninth grade year.

What I like best about this school is the education we get, all of the teachers sign, and I’m around my Deaf friends.

Something you might not realize about Deaf students is that we love music. And we love to dance, too."

Triallen: “I really enjoy being here at the school, going on field trips, participating in sports – everything like that. It’s really fun to go out on field trips.  

My dad graduated from here, my grandfather graduated from here, too. We’ve got a strong family tradition here.

I live in the dorm. I like it there. I get to meet a lot of friends and people that are new. I try my best to introduce them to other people because I want everyone to know each other.

The teachers sign really well – it doesn’t matter whether they are deaf or hearing – they all sign."

     To see the complete interviews, click here: VirtualSCVideo.

Our Thanks to VirtualSC for inviting our students to assist with their online programming

and for permitting us to share the video!