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Crafts, Field Trips, and More!

Summer Camps were Great Fun!


Ahhh! Campers enjoyed the water slide at the water park.

The water was cold at the bottom of the water slide.. Campers screamed with excitement as they neared the bottom of the slide. out! We're almost to the bottom of the slide!


Teen campers pulled their T-shirts over their heads and cut up for the camera.  Campers used yarn, popsicle sticks, and a variety of materials to make touchable artwork.

Campers made lanterns during art sessions. Playing with MacBooks was a fun experience. Campers practiced their braille skills and teachers high fived their success. Campers read about read about strawberry shortcake, made a cake, and tasted it.  Campers made milkshakes during independent living classes.  Tubing at the water park brought happy faces and friendly waves.