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Thanks, Donors!

The ribbon cutting signaled the official opening of the new playground.    The Levkoff family members were the first to receive original paintings by the Cedar Springs Academy students.
The Walker Foundation opens a new playground
               Students recently said thank you for a colorful new playground at the Cedar Springs Academy. The unique playground is a gift from Fluor's
Golf for Greenville and an anonymous donor. 
               Designed for students who are multi-disabled, the new playground includes wheelchair swings and ramps as well as music and
touch stations on an accessible surface. Other features include bay swings with security belts, shaded swings for children
with light sensitivity, and porch swings for older or less mobile students. 
               "It is important for all children to go outside, feel the sunshine, and enjoy playing together," said Sarah Davis, principal of the
Cedar Springs Academy. "These generous donors have given our students the chance to have fun and exercise in a safe, healthy
environment," she said. 
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 Fluor's Golf for Greenville team visited Fluor Exploreland. Colby Wilson's family stood by a wheelchair swing named in Colby's memory. Joining them was Katrina Hensley.