South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

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Student Comments
School for the Deaf

Angel Williams

Angel of Spartanburg

I like it here. Art class is lots of fun. I have learned about different cultures in different countries and the art they do there.  Science and math are my favorite classes. I like learning about planets and I like to multiply in math.

Nallely Ayala

Nallely of Pineland

I LOVE it here! The teachers care about you. There are many more learning opportunities for the deaf here -- small classes and lots of attention in school. Being here has helped with my experiences in life. I can play sports and participate in drama and plays. I can communicate with my friends. I can have a social life -- like going to the prom.

School for the Blind

Alexis Faulkenberry

Alexis of Clover

The school meets all my needs - a computer with JAWS and braille! Lots of braille books to read! I have a math tutor here. My music teacher is great! She really takes time to explain the music and all the songs. I have learned independent living skills. I am a member of HALTER and the Pony Club. I could not have done that in public school. I have lots of friends here that I get to hang around with.

Onnie Burns

Onnie of Anderson

Learning is important to me so I like that we have a study hall. I get to study with my friends. We help each other learn.  I use the CCTV (closed circuit television) and the magnifier. I love my classes in art, drama and creative writing. I like helping the younger students get around and with their needs. 

Cedar Springs Academy 
Mya Patterson

Mya of Greenville

I like my teachers at school. They are nice. I love to ride the horses and go swimming in the pool. I have many friends and like to play with them. Reading books and math are my favorite school subjects.

Tyler Willis

Tyler of Orangeburg

I love to write stories and tell the class about them. I like to jump rope with my friends and ride the horses.

Ther Vang

Ther of Spartanburg

My favorite things are playing soccer and the other sports here. My team won a silver medal in the National Special Olympics soccer tournament. I like to learn different subjects in school.

Jahan Green

Ja’han of Beaufort

I enjoy art class. My art work has been picked for art shows and I have won awards!

I get to play sports here and have lots of friends. High school challenges me and I am learning alot.