• Safety and Security

    Student safety is one of our highest priorities at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. Parents are surveyed about safety on a regular basis and consistently give the school high ratings.

    Providing a safe environment is the job of all staff members at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind, but three departments are primarily responsible for overseeing safety and security.

    These departments include:
    • Security officers who are on campus 24 hours a day including a school resource officer
    • A safety coordinator who is responsible for facility safety and risk management 
    • A family support specialist who is available to respond to student and parent concerns

    The primary goal of the safety and security team is to prevent accidents and safety risks on the main campus, at the Columbia outreach center and in cars and buses of the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind.
    SCSDB Security


    Security. The security team consists of 10 security officers licensed by the State Law Enforcement Division, a full time Public Safety/Security chief and a full time school resource officer. These officers provide coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They operate the electronic verification system that checks all incoming traffic and issues special badges for guests to wear.


    Security officers and the safety coordinator conduct emergency drills so students and staff know how to respond to situations such as fire, tornado, earthquake and intruder. They interact with students through educational training and encourage positive behavior. To maintain safe driving patterns, traffic laws are enforced in and around the campus. Security officers monitor campus activity with the aid of security cameras and conduct investigations as needed.



    The safety coordinator is responsible for the overall operations of risk management, safety and training programs. He develops and conducts safety training classes for students and staff such as first aid, CPR and kitchen safety. He regularly inspects campus buildings, grounds and equipment for potential safety hazards and compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
    The safety coordinator is responsible for the automated external defibrillator program, life-saving devices that are readily available in the event of cardiac emergencies.  



    Family Support Services
    Our family support specialist is always available to  students and families who need assistance in dealing with mistreatment on any level. Students who are dealing with issues of this type will be assisted with counseling, advocacy and protective services as needed.

    The family support specialist follows mandatory procedures and will contact the Child Protection Agency at the Department of Social Services if indicated.



    Specialized Staff


    Our Public Safety and Security officers are licensed by the State Law Enforcement Division and have vast experience in law enforcement. The chief and the school resource officer are graduates of the SC Criminal Justice Academy. Each officer is certified through the SC Law Enforcement Division.

    The safety coordinator holds a bachelor’s degree and has vast experience in industrial safety. He has completed Office of Safety and Health Administration training courses and is certified in hearing conservation. He also holds first aid, CPR and AED instructor certifications. 

    Our family support specialist holds a master’s degree in social work and has advanced skills in American Sign Language.





    Campus buildings are equipped with visual and auditory fire alarms. An audible tornado siren is located on campus. Staff members are sent emergency alerts through e-mail, text messages and cellular telephones.  





    Special systems using advanced technology contribute to a safe and secure environment at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind.


    Electronic Verification System. Security officers operate an electronic verification system that checks all incoming visitors to the campus. Guests are given special badges to wear based on their driver’s license or state issued identification.


    Identification Badges. Staff members are required to wear photo identification badges that are issued when they are hired or enrolled.


    Thermal Imaging. Security officers monitor security cameras at various locations around the campus. Recently installed thermal cameras are able to detect human movement and immediately alert campus security officers. Although the cameras operate continually, this technology is especially valuable at night.


    Residential Building Alarms. Each dorm is equipped with alarms for the front and back door entrances. Staff members check exterior doors regularly and notify security immediately if they have security concerns.


    Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Eleven automated external defibrillators (AEDs) are strategically located across the campus of the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. Staff members are trained in the use of the AEDs to be able to respond in the event of a cardiac emergency.



    You’re Invited!


    We invite you to call or visit to learn more about Security, Safety and Family Support Services at SCSDB:


    Emergencies: 864-577-1111
    Director of CampusSafety: Keith Sherlin, 864-577-7610 or by e-mail ksherlin@scsdb.org.

    Family Support Specialist: Tammy Johnson, 864-577-7513 (TTY), or via Relay by dialing 711 and giving the operator the Family Support Specialist office number (864-577-7513) or by e-mail, tjohnson@scsdb.org.