• PowerSchool
    The Parent Portal is a "real-time" feature that will allow you to view your child's current assignments AND attendance as soon as they are posted. 

    Parent access to PowerSchool will be by unique login ID (username) and password.  For families with more than one child in the district, only one username and password is required per family in order to access each child's information. 

    A letter with your login information will be mailed to you at the address we have on file.  Login ID's and passwords will not be given out over the phone, or in an email, to protect the confidentiality of your son/daughter's information.  Parents must sign and return the signature page of the SCSDB Acceptable Use Policy prior to receiving your login information.  If you have any questions regarding the Parent Portal, please contact Debi Carden either by email (dcarden@scsdb.org) or phone (864-577-7545). 

    User Guidelines:

    1. Parents will have access to the following data about their child:

      • Attendance

      • Grades for current classes - updates will vary from class to class.  Parents can expect that grades for an assignment will be posted one-two weeks after that assignment has been turned in.  (Teachers will need adequate time to grade all of the student work and to post the scores.)

    2. Parents will receive login information and instructions via U.S. Mail, after we receive your Signature Page to the Acceptable Use Policy.

    3. Parents will not share this password with anyone and will not set their browsers to auto login fo the Parent Portal.

    4. Access to the Parent Portal is a privilege and not a right.

    5. If questions or concerns arise about your child's grades or attendance, please speak with your child first before contacting the teacher or the school district.

    System Recommendations for Home Computers to Access the Parent Portal: 
    • Internet connections - 56K modem speed or greater

    • Internet Browser for Mac, Windows, or Linux
      Internet Explorer (IE5.5 or Higher)
      Firefox (2.0 or higher)

    Security Features of the Parent Portal:
    • Three unscuccessful login attempts will disable the Parent Portal account.  In order to use the Parent Portan again, parents will need to contact Debi Carden, dcarden@scsdb.org or 864-577-7545.

    • You will be automatically logged off if you leave the Parent Portal web browser open and inactive for a period of time.

    • All attempts at logging in to the system are recorded and monitored, and a full audit trail is tracked on sensitive data.

    How Do I Use the Parent Portal? - User's Guide