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    Students at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind may enroll in the day or residential program. If a student lives within the areas served by SCSDB's day buses, the student will be considered a day student; other students may be considered for residential status. 
    Day Students

    Day students attend classes during the regular academic day (7:45 a.m. – 3:15 p.m.) and live within the areas served by SCSDB's day buses. They may take advantage of daily, free bus transportation or parents may provide transportation. Some families relocate to the Spartanburg area to take advantage of this option.

    Students ages 3 to 21 can be day students. They may participate in all athletic and after-school activities if parents arrange for transportation to and from the activities.

    Residential Students

    Students who live outside SCSDB's bus routes enroll as residential students. Residential students take advantage of a 24-hour learning experience including tutoring sessions, character education programs, independent living training, athletic activities, fine arts classes and recreation opportunities.

    Residential students travel by bus to campus on Sunday afternoons and leave campus by bus on Fridays. All transportation is provided at no cost to families. Students ages 4 ½ to 21 may be residential students.


    There are no additional fees for residential students. Housing, meals, tutoring and after-school programs are provided at no cost to parents. The only charge to both day and residential students is a minimal activity fee ($40) similar to activity fees in local school districts.



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