• School for the Blind Overview
    (Grades 6 – 8)School for the Blind middle schooler smiling on brailler


    The School for the Blind’s Middle School accepts students who are ready to begin an educational adventure that will transition them into high school.
    Middle school students will:
    • Enjoy hands-on learning opportunities
    • Learn essential independence skills
    • Enhance communications skills
    • Participate in health and physical education classes
    • Have the opportunity to mainstream at E.P. Todd Middle School
    Students learn:
    • To solve challenging math equations and problems
    • To read and comprehend grade level texts, like Catherine Ryan Hyde's Pay It Forward  and George Orwell's Animal Farm
    • To write structured English, expanding to compositions
     The curriculum also includes:
    • Introductory courses to physical and biological science
    • Social studies, American and SC history
    • Character education
    • Reading and writing in braille
    The Middle School curriculum follows state standards and students use state adopted textbooks.