• One School for the Blind unification underway

    New Principal Lauren Prochak envisions “one” SC School for the Blind; one mission; one team; one school. She started communicating with her staff immediately to build this strong school culture.

    She spent her first weeks investing in the staff and students she was able to meet to begin building a vision that would be defined by the entire staff upon their return to campus.

    Teachers will be essential in collaborating to develop instruction that will support students to perform at high academic levels, ensure healthy social and emotional development, and prepare for independent success beyond high school.

    School and classroom environments have been, and will continue to be, enhanced and updated, to maximize student access to academic materials and content. Total school input will determine creative art displays throughout.

    Principal Prochak said, “After my interview, I knew immediately that the School for the Blind was the place I wanted to learn, love, and lead.”

    For the last three years, she led magnet programs and coordinated the International Baccalaureate Diploma and Career-related Programs at Irmo High School. She served for three years as an assistant principal, and four years as principal, at Chapin Elementary School.

    Principal Prochak earned a Bachelor of Arts in Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Elementary Education from Converse College. She fondly recalls her student teaching at SCSDB’s School for the Deaf, Elementary. She taught third grade in a general education setting while obtaining her Master of Education in Divergent Learning from Columbia College and her Masters +30 in Educational Administration from University of the Cumberlands.

    “I have learned that educational administration truly is the hardest job you can love with your whole heart. Every day is met with excitement, and every aspect brings true joy. I am overjoyed to find my passion met with deep commitment, extensive knowledge, and genuine care from the School for the Blind family,” Principal Prochak declared.



  • Principal Lauren Prochak

    Principal Lauren Prochak