• Embracing the Possibilities
    Cedar Springs Academy

    Cedar Springs Academy strives to empower students to achieve their highest individual potential. The academy serves SC students who have a vision or hearing disability with at least one other physical or intellectual disability.

    Highly qualified teachers and staff serve students ages 3-21 with:

    ·  Small, individualized academic classesStudents show off their history projects.

    ·  Daily living skills instruction with a focus on developing         independence

    ·  Specialized technology and equipment

    ·  Braille and large print materials and audio devices

    ·  Arts, music, and other enrichment classes

    ·  Job exploration and work-based learning opportunities

    ·  Health, orientation and mobility, speech and language,         audiology, physical and occupational therapy, and other       related services

    ·  Fun activities and field trips

    ·  Adapted physical education and recreational opportunities

    Both day and residential programs are available, and bus transportation is provided for both programs.