• Day and Residential Programs

    Residential staff members provide fun activities, such as beeping egg hunts, for the students.

    We offer both day and residential programs. Students who live within the communities served by our daily buses enroll as day students. Students who live farther away may reside on campus Sunday evenings through mid-day on Fridays, when school is in session.

    Bus transportation is available for both day and residential students. Transportation, housing, and meals are all provided at no charge to families.


    Residential Halls
    In most residential halls, two to three students share a room. Each room is furnished with beds and a separate closet and drawer space for each student. Bed linens and towels are furnished, and students bring their own personal items and clothing. Students may also bring games, cell phones, portable CD players, favorite toys, and family photos.

    New students are assigned a buddy to help them with the transition to campus housing, and parents are welcome to call or visit at any time. Parents are also encouraged to attend special events, and overnight housing is available by contacting the School for the Blind’s administrative assistant 864-577-7604.

    Residential staff members carefully monitor the students at all times and assist them as needed. Nurses and security officers are on duty 24 hours a day.