• Accessibility
    The Cedar Springs Academy provides an excellent environment for students who are deaf or blind and have additional disabilities. Some of our accessibility features include: 
    Through the one-to-one technology initiative, students have access to tablets throughout the school year.

    ·  Classrooms with customized equipment, specialized       software, assistive technology for computers, and           voice output devices

    ·  Sign language, listening devices, interpreter services,     captioning, and videophones for                           students who are deaf or hard of hearing 

    ·  Exposure to braille, mobility training, large print               materials, and touchable calendar systems for               students who are blind or visually impaired

    ·  Tactile communication through symbol systems for          students who are deaf-blind

    ·  Facilities with ramps, easy access for wheelchairs, automatic doors, and accessible restrooms

    ·   Buses with wheelchair lifts and accommodations

    Jacob Jackson uses a tablet during occupational therapy.  Buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and other accommodations.