• Lessons

    Instruction focuses on academics, job skills, and independent living. Academic classes include subjects such as math, science, English, social studies, and history.  Job skills activities focus on dependability, time management, and work tasks. Independent living skills include communication, hygiene, housekeeping, nutrition, food planning and preparation, use of household appliances, and social skills with an emphasis on good manners.

    Classes for students who are deaf are taught in sign language.

    Preparation for work is an essential part of lessons in the academy. Vocational training helps students develop work skills with a long-term goal of employment or participation in a supported work environment.  Student-run businesses and community-based learning experiences also provide our students with job training opportunities.

    Additional classes include physical education and fine arts. Students also benefit from specialized therapy including speech, occupational and physical therapy, and orientation and mobility.

    Measuring Success

    Success is measured by individualized education plans developed with parents and a wide variety of educational professionals. Standardized testing and school data are also used to gauge success and determine adaptations needed. 

    Students measure the ingredients to make soap for a student-run business.  Students experience hands-on learning as part of Earth Day.