• After-School Program
    When the traditional school day ends, students participate in study sessions and fun activities that teach important socialization and recreation skills. Activities include:

    ·  Homework assistanceStudents show off their Halloween costumes at Trunk or Treat.

    ·  Library visits

    ·  Fine arts classes

    ·  Athletics and physical activities

    ·  Clubs and organizations  

    ·  Recreational and leisure time interests

    ·  Independent living skills development

    ·  Character education programs


    Caring staff members encourage the students, and student friendships are promoted. The needs of each student are always considered, and activities are adapted so that everyone can participate.

    Both residential and day students are welcome to participate in after-school programs, however, parent-provided transportation is required for day students.

    Students run and jump for a fun photo shot at the prom.   Holiday skits are one of many fun activities in the after-school program.