• Lessons 

    Students work on math problems and take a break to smile for the camera.

    Teachers develop lesson plans, based on state standards, with the specific needs of students who are deaf or hard of hearing in mind. Textbooks are the same as that of a typical SC school district.

    Classes are taught in American Sign Language along with a supported language program for students with cochlear implantsBased on the student's individual needs, audiology and speech language are provided, and FM systems are available to students with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Reading time provides an excellent opportunity to model and practice spoken language.
    Additional support is provided through resource classes for high school students and one-to-one individualized instruction for elementary and middle school students. 
    Students tap their heads as part of a fun lesson in the School for the Deaf.
    Measuring Success

    Academic success is measured by individualized education plans developed with parents and a wide variety of educational professionals. Regular standardized testing and school data are also used to gauge success and determine adaptations needed.