• Technology
    Classrooms are equipped with smart boards.
    Classrooms are equipped with smart boards and access technology designed to meet individual student needs. An educational technology coach and an access technology coach provide individualized technology instruction to ensure that students know how to use the technology and maximize its capabilities.
    Through our one-to-one technology initiative, elementary students are provided iPads, and middle and high school students are provided MacBooks to use throughout the school year. Computers are equipped with audible screen reading software, screen magnification software, and refreshable braille displays as needed. 
    Access technology includes:
     Middle and high school students have MacBooks to use throughout the school year. Elementary students have iPads.

    Brailling Devices

    ·   Braille translation software

    ·  Refreshable braille displays and keyboards


    Enlarging Devices

    ·   Closed Captioned Televisions (CCTVs)

    ·  Electronic hand held magnifiers

    Hand held magnification devices are a convenient way to enlarge print.

    ·   Text enlargement software

    Audible Reading Devices

    ·   Book Ports

    ·   Digital Players

    ·   Portable scanning devices

    ·   Screen reader software

    Alexis Faulkenberry demonstrates a Braille N Speak for guests from the Lions Club.


    Notetaking Devices


    Printing Devices

    ·    Tactile graphic makers

    ·    Braille embossers

    ·    3D printer

    We strive to be the statewide leader in access technology and are continually adding new devices as they become available.