• Career Clusters and Classes

    Students learn practical skills, such as sawing safely, for work and home.

    Classes are offered in nationally recognized career clusters endorsed by the SC Department of Education. Staff assist students in selecting career clusters based on their Individualized Education Plans and career interests.

    Clusters include: 

    ·  Agriculture, food, and natural resources

    ·  Architecture and construction

    ·  Marketing, sales, and service

    ·   Hospitality and tourism

    ·   Information technology Classes include work-based learning opportunities for high school students.

    ·   Transportation, distribution, and logistics

    ·   Science, technology, engineering, and math 

    ·  Education and training

    ·   Arts, audio/visual technology, and communication

    The Applied Academic Center also provides driver’s education classes while computer science, keyboarding, and independent living classes are offered through the individual schools.