• Services

    The Statewide Deaf-Blind Project provides services across the state.

    Services for Families

    · Home consultation visits

    · Strategies to support communication skills development

    · Support in developing self-care and social skills

    · Information about workshops, conferences, upcoming
       events, and opportunities

    · Lending library of parent and professional resources

    · Trellis newsletter and other educational materials

    · Network opportunities with other parents and
       community groups

    · Connections to interactive online communities for
       families of children with deaf-blindness

    Services for Professionals and Schools
    · Classroom and program consultation visits

    · Assistance in obtaining materials and developing
       routines, strategies, and techniques

    · Information on evidence-based best practices

    · Professional development events featuring nationally
       and internationally known experts

    · Onsite workshops for educational teams

    · Professional interactive online community

    Services for the Deaf-Blind Community
    · Collaboration with agencies throughout the nation to
       obtain relevant information for families and teachers

    · Partnerships with agencies statewide to raise
       awareness of issues related to deaf-blindness

    · Promotion of the accomplishments of individuals
       challenged by dual sensory loss

    · Resource library of materials related to deaf-blindness

    · Annual Child Count Census to update data of
       children with deaf-blindness

    Students learns tactile symbols.