• Main Campus Enrollment

    Short or long-term enrollment on the main campus of the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind can be the best option for many students who are deaf or blind. For example, a student may have academic success in the elementary years but need to develop independent living and socialization skills in the teenage years. A student might enroll in middle school and return to the local school district for high school.

    At the main campus of the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind, students:
    • Interact freely with other children who face similar challenges
    • Are part of a fully-accepting environment and gain self-confidence
    • Are taught a state-accredited academic curriculum
    • Can earn a high school diploma, certificate of completion or occupational credential
    • Have access to classroom and assistive technology
    • Have opportunities to develop leadership skills
    • Develop the necessary social and recreational skills
    • Have access to healthy, athletic programs
    • Participate in a renowned fine arts program
    • Are prepared for life after high school with a job training program
    • Gain the necessary independent living skills that will last a lifetime
    • Experience daily contact with staff role models who are deaf or blind