• Outreach Services

    Outreach services available to local school districts throughout the state include:
    • Vision services including orientation and mobility and technology training
    • Hearing services
    • Braille and large print text books
    • Resources for students who are deaf-blind
    • Summer camps
    • Workshops and conferences
    • Telephone equipment and alerting devices for students who qualify

    Benefits of using outreach services through the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind include:
    • Reliable services by dependable professionals supported by a proven statewide organization
    • Experts with advanced training and certifications in vision and hearing disabilities
    • More than 25 years experience providing service to South Carolina school districts
    • Staff members who are deaf or blind themselves and serve as excellent role models
    • Access to information on the newest assistive technology through a nationwide network of schools and professional organizations
    • Cost- Efficiency by serving multiple school districts with specialized professionals
    • Leadership in initiating statewide projects such as the Vision Partnership, Vision Summit, Hearing Summit, Braille Challenge and Technology Olympics