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    The Early Intervention Program provides, at no cost to families, a vast array of services and resources to assist parents and guardians in making informed decisions about their child’s development. Services include:
    • Meetings and observations in the child’s home. Home visits are conducted by early interventionists to determine the child’s developmental levels in the areas of vision and hearing development, movement and use of muscles, social skills, communication and ability to learn.
    • An Individual Family Service Plan.  A plan designed around each family’s needs is developed to ensure that the child can be as successful and independent as possible.
    • Specialized therapy. Specialized therapy such as speech therapy, physical therapy and occupational therapy, among other types, are often necessary to the child’s development.
    • Referrals. The Early Intervention Program is able to refer families to other specialists and community resources that may be able to meet a child’s needs.
    • Transition Services. The home-to-school transition can be difficult for a child and the family. Early intervention professionals can assist families with the transition through a series of services to ensure a smooth transition.
    • Educational Materials and Activities. Early interventionists can provide access to needed educational materials and age-appropriate activities.
    SCSDB Birth to Age 3 Services

    The Early Intervention Program’s highly-qualified and specialized professionals travel across the state to work with families. Their goal is to empower each family with the ability to make educated decisions regarding their child who is deaf or blind.