• Measuring Success

    Each year, a team of teachers, support staff and the student’s parents evaluates each student based on a series of state standards and assessments. The outreach staff of the SC School for the Blind serves on the team providing input on the specialized services needed by the student. The team creates measurable annual goals specific to the needs of the student and determines any accommodations that may be needed for the student’s educational benefit.


    Students are also measured on the expanded core curriculum (will link to AFB site), which includes components that are vital to the education of individuals who are blind or visually impaired. The expanded core curriculum includes:

    • Compensatory or functional academic skills, including communication modes (includes skills such as labeling clothing, counting money, measuring techniques, etc.)
    • Orientation and mobility (independent travel)
    • Social interaction skills
    • Independent living skills
    • Recreation and leisure skills
    • Career education
    • Use of access technology
    • Sensory efficiency skills
    • Self determination

     In addition, parents receive periodic progress reports on their students’ growth and development throughout the year.