• Occupational Therapy
    The SC School for the Deaf and the Blind’s occupational therapists work on students’ fine motor skills and sensory processing. Some students learn how to feed themselves, change their clothes and manage daily grooming activities. Other students work on improving their independent living and pre-vocational skills to prepare them for employment and living as independently as possible. Still others work on improving their sensory tolerance by being exposed to various auditory and visual stimuli and a variety of textures while at school.
    Students may require occupational therapy to develop the coordination needed to play; practice handwriting; grip pencils, manipulate scissors and other objects; tie shoes; operate communication and technological devices; assist in daily independent living skills; and develop pre-vocational and home management skills. Occupational therapists also assist students and families with ordering specialized equipment for improving their daily living skills and sensory processing.
    SCSDB Health - Occupational Therapy

    Specialized Staff


    Our occupational therapists hold national board certifications, state licenses and degrees in occupational therapy. One of the therapists holds an additional certification in pediatric neuro-developmental treatment. 

     Parents and families of SCSDB students do not receive bills for occupational therapy treatments at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. The school receives reimbursements for medical services through the SC Department of Health and Human Services “Partners for Healthy Children” program for Medicaid-eligible students.


    Parents may have to pay for a student’s personal equipment, but the occupational therapy staff works with families to identify private insurance or Medicaid funding when possible. 

    SCSDB Health - Occupational Therapy

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