• Physical Therapy
    The SC School for the Deaf and the Blind has a team of physical therapists that focus on improving students’ gross motor skills and independence. Physical therapy programs are individualized to meet each student’s needs.


    For many students, physical therapy includes learning how to sit up, crawl, stand, walk and climb stairs. Some students may learn how to move on and off of furniture and playground equipment. Older students work on improving their walking quality so they may travel between their classrooms as well as board buses as independently as possible. Still other students work on upper-body balance and coordination skills for participation is physical education and sports activities.


    SCSDB Health - Physcial Therapy
    Many students learn how to use assistive technology as part of their physical therapy treatments. Students may learn how to operate power wheelchairs, walkers, car seats, shower chairs, transfer benches, standers, prosthetics and orthotics as needed. Physical therapists help students select, maintain and use their assistive technology at home, school and in the community.   


    Physical therapy allows the student to increase his or her level of independence, master motor skills, rehabilitate after an injury or surgery and understand how to use assistive devices by strengthening, stretching and re-educating a variety of muscles to improve function, balance, safety, motor planning and coordination.


    Specialized Staff


    Our physical therapists have SC licenses and degrees in physical therapy. The program’s director holds certification in pediatric neuro-developmental treatment. Several of the physical therapy assistants have prior experience in pediatric physical therapy in addition to their experience at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. 


    Parents and families of students do not receive bills for physical therapy treatments at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. The school receives reimbursements for medical services through the SC Department of Health and Human Services “Partners for Healthy Children” program for Medicaid-eligible students.

    SCSDB Health - Physical Therapy

    Parents may have to pay for a student’s personal equipment, but the physical therapy staff works with families to identify private insurance or Medicaid funding when possible.


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    Margaret Gudka, Director by direct line at (864) 577-7782

    Toll-free at 1-888-447-2732or via e-mail at mgudka@scsdb.org.