• Residential Halls: Home Away from Home


    Students (and their parents) experiencing their first extended stay away from home want to know what to expect.


    Residential Halls
    In most areas, two to three students share a room; five beds is the maximum capacity. Each bedroom is furnished with beds and a separate closet and drawer space for each student. Bed linens and towels are furnished.


    Each area has a dayroom with living room furniture, a television, lamps, a clock, and work tables. There are no coed dorms.


    Personal Items
    Students are expected to bring the following personal items each week:
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, brush and comb
    • Clothing for five days
    • Shoes appropriate for the student’s activities.

    Students may bring games, cell phones, and portable CD players. They may also bring their favorite blanket, doll or pictures that will help with the new experience.


    Buddies/Role Models
    New students are assigned a buddy to show him/her the special features of the dormitory. The buddy also helps them develop communication skills. Students who have shown leadership skills are chosen to be the buddies. Staff are also paired with students with similar disabilities and serve as role models.



    Night-time Routine
    Residential staff teaches, encourages, and monitors typical bathing skills, how to shower, brush teeth, and take care of personal hygiene. Students are also taught how to clean the bathroom when their bathing has been completed.
    Bedtime medications are administered by the school nurses.