• Behavior Services
    The SC School for the Deaf and the Blind offers behavioral health services to students who need behavioral support throughout the school day and during after-school programming to maximize learning and success.


    When a student is referred to Behavior Health Services, a behavior assessment is conducted to identify the student’s individual needs. Then a positive behavior support plan is developed to decrease disruptive behaviors and increase productive behaviors. For example, if a student refuses to complete class work, he or she might actually be having difficulty with the work, but not want to be embarrassed in front of peers.


    The positive behavior support plan is implemented through a team approach that includes teachers, counselors, psychologists, medical staff and residential staff as appropriate. A behavior interventionist may be assigned to the student for a portion of the day to help the student learn new skills and apply them to daily life. To determine if the plan is working, periodic follow-up assessments are conducted.

    SCSDB Health - Behavior Services

    Students may be referred for behavioral health services by the school staff or parents. The Behavioral Health Services staff strives to identify behavior issues early with a goal of responding quickly before behavioral concerns interfere with academic and social success.


    Specialized Staff


    Our Behavioral Health Services staff consists of a team of individuals who are experienced in managing student behavior and committed to student success.

    Staff members receive specialized on-going training that is proven in the field to bring about positive behavior changes. Staff training includes applied behavior analysis, verbal behavior therapy, positive behavior supports, nonviolent crisis intervention and cognitive behavior therapy for language and learning challenged individuals.




    Parents and families of students do not receive bills for behavior health services at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. The school is often able to receive reimbursements for these services through the SC Department of Health and Human Services “Partners for Healthy Children” program for Medicaid-eligible students.



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