• Counseling and Psychology


    Students meet with counselors to address such issues as moving to a new school, learning better problem solving, dealing with disabilities, managing anger, addressing bullying, improving socialization skills, making friends and deciding career and college paths.


    Career Planning


    Our certified guidance counselors provide career counseling in which students and family members can discuss the appropriate options for transition into the workforce or college.
    Every year, counselors bring college and career recruiters to the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind campus to talk with students about options after graduation.
    School Psychological Services
    SCSDB Health - Psychology

    School Psychological Services are available to students who are in need of academic or behavioral evaluation, assessment and treatment.

    In compliance with SC law, every student in a special education setting receives a comprehensive reevaluation at least every three years to determine the need for continued special education services and to address any concerns that may hinder the student’s ability to progress on his/her Individual Education Program.

    Parents and families of SCSDB students do not receive bills for health and related services at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind. The school receives reimbursements for medical services through the SC Department of Health and Human Services “Partners for Healthy Children” program for Medicaid-eligible students.
    SCSDB Health - Psychology

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    Counseling and Psychology Services
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