• Irvin Kariuki Recognized as Terrific Kid of the Year

    Irvin Kariuki is the School for the Deaf's Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the Year. 

    Terrific Kids is a student-recognition program that promotes character development, self-esteem, and perseverance. “Terrific” is an acronym for Thoughtful, Enthusiastic, Respectful, Responsible, Inclusive, Friendly, Inquisitive, and Capable.  

    Through the program, students work with their classroom teacher to establish goals to improve behavior, peer relationships, attendance, or school work.  All students who achieve their goals after a specified time are recognized as Terrific Kids. Recognition includes being pinned as a Terrific Kid, receiving a coveted bumper sticker, and other giveaways.    

    Thanks, Kiwanis, for your great support of this program!

  • Irvin Kariuki and his plaque from Kiwanis

    Irvin Kariuki
    School for the Deaf
    Kiwanis Terrific Kid of the Year