• Paul Tocco Earns Employer’s Choice Certificate

    Paul Tocco is the first SCSDB student to earn the Microburst Employer’s Choice Certificate.

    The certificate lets potential employers and postsecondary training programs know that Paul has demonstrated important soft skills such as:

    • Being on time
    • Completing projects on time
    • Working as a good team member
    • Resolving conflict in an appropriate way
    • Demonstrating a positive attitude
    • Communicating (both listening and explaining) in a positive and engaging manner
    • Planning and organizing his work
    • Demonstrating initiative

    “Earning the certificate requires intensive work from the student,” said Lori Seymour, Applied Academics teacher. “We’re very proud of Paul’s leadership in completing the requirements and the example he is setting for other students.” Ms. Seymour expects four additional students to obtain the certificate this school year. 

    Ms. Seymour explained that employers are asking schools to help students develop soft skills. "Research shows that only 15% of worker success is determined by what they know or hard skills," she said. "The other 85% of success is determined by soft skills."

    The Employer's Choice Certificate is a SC State recognized industry credential and must be approved by a Microburst Learning EmployABILITY Soft Skills instructor.  The certificate is endorsed by:

    • Microburst Learning
    • SC Manufacturers Alliance
    • Mechanical Contractors Association of South Carolina
    • SC Association of Career and Technical Education 
    • NC Association of Career and Technical Education Trade and Industrial Division
  • Paul Tocco shows his certificate for completing the Employer's Choice program.

    Paul Tocco