• India Hare looks at a Best Friends book while staff member Lyndsey Smith and Aleena Hamlin cut up for the camera during the annual book fair.
    The library hosts a book fair every year. Proceeds go toward more books for students to check out and enjoy.

    The library offers materials for students, parents, and professionals. 

    Library Activities

    To encourage reading, the library sponsors a variety of fun, educational activities throughout the year. Among others, these activities include:

    • Gingerbread house celebration
    • Dr. Seuss' birthday party
    • Summer reading program
    • Author visits
    • Reading contests
    • Storytelling festivals

    Library equipment and materials include:

    For Students who are Blind

    • Regular print, large print, and braille
    • Audio materials
    • Descriptive videos
    • Screen reading software
    • Enlarging equipment

     For Students who are Deaf

    • Regular print
    • Captioned videos

     For Cedar Springs Academy Students

    • Regular print, large print, and braille
    • Audio materials
    • Captioned and descriptive videos

     For Parents and Teachers

    • A parent-professional library with topics related to sensory disabilities 

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