•  Photo One: Josh Padgett, right, presents the Fine Arts Student of the Year Award to Jason Mendez. Photo Two: Tyreece McCoy, Noah Holley, and Jacob Cooper compete on the school running track.

    Student Life

    There is so much to do and enjoy at the SC School for the Deaf and the Blind! There are playgrounds, a running track, horse pastures, and even a bowling alley! There are fun activities during the school day and after the school day ends. We offer everything from fine arts to athletics!

    Staff members adapt activities to meet the needs of each student, and everyone is encouraged to join in the fun. Students enjoy socializing with their peers and develop lasting friendships. 

    Both day and residential students are welcome to participate in all of the programs. However, parent-provided transportation is required for day students who wish to participate in the after-school program.

    Activities include:

    • Fine arts classes
    • Athletics and physical activities
    • Clubs and organizations
    • Recreational and leisure time interests
    • Independent living skills development
    • Character education programs
    • Library visits
    • Homework assistance
  • Clubs and Leadership Opportunities

  • Fine Arts

  • Sports