•  School for the Deaf students smile and show the I Love You hand sign at one of many fun library events.


    The library offers materials for students, parents, and professionals.

    Library Activities

    To encourage reading, the library sponsors a variety of fun, educational activities throughout the year. Among others, these activities include:

    • Gingerbread house celebration
    • Dr. Seuss' birthday party
    • Summer reading program
    • Author visits
    • Reading contests
    • Storytelling festivals

    Library Resources

    Library equipment and materials include:

    For Students who are Blind

    • Regular print, large print, and braille
    • Audio materials
    • Descriptive videos
    • Screen reading software
    • Enlarging equipment

     For Students who are Deaf

    • Regular print
    • Captioned videos

    For Cedar Springs Academy Students

    • Regular print, large print, and braille
    • Audio materials
    • Captioned and descriptive videos

    For Parents and Teachers

    • A parent-professional library with topics related to sensory disabilities 


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