South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Low Vision Options

School for the Blind Kindergarten - Grade 5 Overview


Through our nationally-recognized Whole Child Initiative, the School for theSchool for the Blind - Kindergarten Blind strives to ensure that each child is:

  • Challenged academically and prepared for success in college and/or employment
  • Engaged by staying connected to the school and broader community
  • Supported socially and emotionally by caring, qualified adults
  • Healthy by learning about and practicing a healthy lifestyle
  • Safe and secure by learning in a physically and emotionally safe environment.
Educational programs are tailored to meet the needs of each student. Small classes encourage a focus on individual needs and promote positive faculty-student interaction.
The Elementary School’s curriculum includes:
  • Writing paragraphs on topic
  • Solving math equations and problems, including elementary geometry
  • The scientific process, the states of matter and life science applications
  • Social studies, including geography, SC and world history
  • Reading comprehension skills including compare and contrast, fact vs. opinion and identifying story elements

Teachers follow state standards and use state-adopted textbooks.