South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Low Vision Options

School for the Blind Preschool Overview


Children who attend the School for the Blind Preschool participate in aSchool for the Blind - Preschool variety of activities including:

  • Learning the ABCs and 123s
  • Romping around campus playgrounds
  • Playing therapy games with teachers
  • Fun-filled field trips to the zoo and apple farm
  • Hands-on learning opportunities such as games on interactive white boards and science demonstrations
The School for the Blind Preschool strives to ensure that each child is academically challenged, engaged in the classroom, socially and emotionally supported, healthy, safe and secure in a fun, encouraging atmosphere.
The School for the Blind Preschool follows the state standard curriculum and provides blind or visually impaired students with a warm, nurturing and inclusive environment that encourages:
  • The learning process, including letters, numbers and writing skills
  • Communication development
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Social and emotional development

We strive to provide our students with as much hands-on interaction as possible, including sand and water play, exposure to tactile (touchable) environments and objects, development of senses and use of interactive white boards for games, lessons and interactive field trips.