South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Low Vision Options

School for the Blind Overview
At the School for the Blind, students grades Pre K – 12, have the opportunity to reach their greatest individual potential in a safe,SC School for the Blind healthy and encouraging environment that boasts:
  • Highly-trained, specialized staff
  • Technologically-advanced classrooms
  • Career exploration opportunities
  • A fully-accredited curriculum that follows all state standards
  • Accommodations for students who are blind or visually impaired
  • A full range of health and related services
  • Tutoring and other after-school activities.


There are no fees to attend the School for the Blind with the exception of a minimal activities fee. Eligible students may select day or residential programs, and transportation is provided throughout the state.

Whole Child Initiative
Through our nationally-recognized Whole Child Initiative, we strive to promote the development of children who are well-prepared for lifelong success. Education and support professionals work to ensure that each child is:
  • Challenged academically and prepared for success in college and/or employment
  • Engaged by staying connected to the school and broader community
  • Supported socially and emotionally by caring, qualified adults
  • Healthy by learning about and practicing a healthy lifestyle
  • Safe and secure by learning in a physically and emotionally safe environment.